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Welcome to Hobøl Frivilligsentrals website!

 We are located at the fire station in Tomter. The address is Hobølvn. 5, 1825 Tomter. The office is open on weekdays from 08.00 - 15.30. Are we not in the office,  call 90 88 50 13.


Become a volunteer in Hobøl! 

Are you one of those who want Hobøl to be an even better place to live? Then you are the person we need! Frivilligsentralen needs volunteers who have different expertise and life experience. We have a need for as many volunteers as possible that want to contribute when the need is there.

We can offer you the joy you receive by sharing your knowledge/help others in new experiences and lessons learned. The motivation for volunteering is the pleasure of sharing experiences, help others and contribute to increased prosperity in the community. We can offer exciting challenges based on your interests, experience and knowledge. In return we want you to work for the good of the community and the people who live there.

To become a volunteer with us please contact us. Come by the office for a conversation about what you want to get out of being voluntary, the types of assignments you want, when it suits you to do a volunteer effort, and the like. You are not bound to anything by standing registered with us. You control your free time! 

This is some of the things we need volunteers to do: 

* Follow elderly to the doctor, shop etc.. 

* Basic janitorial work 

* Snow plowing & removal / lawn mowing 

* Shopping and going errands 

* Simple household chores 

* Visit elderly and/or lonesome people

* Be a chauffeur to activities and events 

* Help at events on HBBS (home for elderly)

* And much more! 

Call us at 90 88 50 13, or pop into the office for a chat!

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